Skinny Levis Jeans for Women

Skinny Levis Jeans have now become extremely popular in the recent years as they have proved to be among the best ways to accentuate the figure of an individual. In fact, ladies can easily flip through any fashion as well as celebrity magazines and notice the way they are being put on for fetching a highly stylish appearance.

Skinny Levis Jeans – Highly Popular

Such types of jeans have become highly popular. It is not at all a surprising fact as they even after being comfortable have also really become really trendy. One of the causes that prevent maximum women from putting on skinny jeans in the very first place is about their assumption of not having the right type of body for the same.

However, with the evolution of so many variable styles as well as brands, women nowadays can easily choose the most suitable one in order to look great in skinny jeans. Purchase of jeans must not be conducted in a random manner! Getting the right size is very much important as putting on too much tight or loose dress will make you look like a comic figure.


Selected Dress Material – Makes You Feel Comfy

The dress material chosen for wearing must hold the ability to make you feel comfy along with making you look great. In case you are not sure about your size, then it is advised to request the departmental store to take the measurements of waist and size so that you can easily make a choice of your own easily.

Before setting in the first pair of pants, it is a good habit to give a try on the maximum number of pairs. The one which will make you feel comfortable and look fit-n-fine must be your final resort. There is a notion that there is practically no difference between branded and non-branded items.

Must Go for Designer Skinny Jeans

It is high time to note that designer jeans belonging to branded companies are produced by utilizing higher quality materials. Before you completely rule out designer branded jeans due to being too much expensive, keep in consideration that you will be wearing your skinny jeans for a long time.

Even, a branded item holds the ability to last easily for long. Hence spending a little bit extra amount for once that too for a quality pair is certainly worth it! Only you need to be sure that you get the right size as getting to tight jeans will really constrict the movements of your body. In case you have a plus size figure, then it will be better to purchase jeans comprising of darker shades as they look better for wider body types.

Skinny Jeans for Slim Women

On the other hand, women having slim bodies must consider purchasing white skinny Levis Jeans as they will help to accentuate the rest of your figure. For holding basic understanding about the latest color, style and trend you must go through fashion magazines and fashion shows telecasted.

There must be some personal preferences as well! Saving money on a pair of quality jeans can really go a long way.

Top Tips to Know About Wedding Sherwanis

Although much importance is given to the wedding attire of the bride, the groom deserves no less attention to the choice of his wedding attire. And when the Indian grooms are being talked about, there is nothing better than a wedding Sherwani. The grooms look absolutely stunning, royal and exclusive in this Indian attire. However, choosing the right one is always a difficult choice for the groom. But, if you follow these tips, it will be easy for you to make your choice.


Know the styles:

The first thing that matters most is that the groom knows about the styles available in the market regarding the Sherwanis. There is a strong misconception that the sherwanis are all same and they just differ in colour. However, the fact is that as much as the bridal attires change in style, this particular wedding attire for the groom also changes its style. From Indo Western to purely traditional, from layered to straight cuts, you will find a number of options available.

What to choose:

In that case, it is always a better idea to choose something that you will be able to wear even after your wedding. A heavily embroidered sherwani certainly looks amazing. But it is purely meant for the groom and cannot be worn in any other occasion later on. In that case, choosing a layered piece that consists of a less heavy inner layer that can be worn later as a Punjabi or Kurta and a jacket that can be removed, is a great option. If you visit a sherwani store such as Manyavar Delhi, which is a landmark and parameter for the wedding attires for the groom, you will find a number of options available.

Match your attire with that of the bride:

Since the prime focus of the sherwani is to be worn on the wedding day, it is a must that your attire matches with that of the bride. In that case, it is a great idea that you bring the bride and her attire along with you, so that you can match your sherwani with hers. This however does not mean bring the bride and her attire along with you, so that you can match your sherwani with hers. This however does not mean that both of you have to look like members of a band, but symmetry always accentuates the beauty of the attires.


The last, but probably the most important tip that you need to consider while buying your wedding sherwani, is the factor of comfort. If the sherwani is not comfortable, you will not be able to pull it off for long hours. And wedding ceremonies and rituals s will require you stand, sit and walk with the sherwani for a long day. In that case, light in weight and comfortable fabric of the sherwani will certainly be useful to choose.

If you visit any of the many outlets of Manyavar in Delhi, you will be able to find a number of options available. You are free to try as many as you like, unless and until you find the one for you.

Top Tips to Buy Ladies Kurtis and Leggings Stores in Delhi

In the Indian women community, especially amongst the women, who belong to the age group of 20s to 30s, one of the popular most clothing options is wearing the kurti and leggings. It is a simple and yet elegant clothing option for women that is easy to wear, easy to carry. Hence, those, who have to go out of their homes for educational or career purposes or even for any other work, wearing the kurtis is a great option. Although kurtis were once considered to be a daily wear, the fact is that they have evolved to a great extent and women can now choose from a wider variety of this clothing option.


Still, they find it to be quite difficult to choose the right option. When you buy the right kurti for you, you will be able to wear them in the right occasion. This will ensure that you do not look the odd one out amidst others. In fact, the right kurti with great style, embroidery and details, can be worn even in special occasions and parties as well. All that you need to do is to know about the available options and how to choose the right one for you.

Know the style:

The first thing that you need to consider is the purpose of buying the kurti. If you want to buy it for a formal place like college or for your professional place of teaching or any other workplace, you must stick to the simple ones. Cotton material, block prints or simple borders and colours would serve the purpose. However, simplicity does not mean dullness. You can always choose a neckline that will add a bit of style to it. V neck or square neck, Chinese collar or airhostess back, all these are stylish and yet sophisticated.

The size and shape:

The shape and size of the kurti matter a lot when you are buying them. Some are short in length and some are long. In determining which one would be suitable for you, you need to consider what you will be teaming it up with. If you are wearing it will slim and skinny fit jeans, then you can always wear the ones that are short in length and reach up to your hips. Three quarter sleeves and sleek borders make these kurtis a great option for the jeans. However, if you want to wear them with leggings, you must choose the longer ones.

The leggings are always the most comfortable option as bottoms. Since they come in all the possible colours, you can always choose the one that will match your kurti. The leggings are also made up of a very soft material made up of cotton and lycra material and feels very soft on the skin. Available in all the sizes from XS to small, from medium to large and extra-large and above, you will be able to find the one for you. In Delhi, the women are very much into wearing the kurtis as the Punjabi community as well as the women from Haryana as well as from other communities love to wear them. Pantaloons Delhi store is one such shop that is a great choice for buying them.

Discover the Best Ever Party Dresses for Women

Party wears are a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. So next time you are planning to buy one for yourself, plan the right cut, look, shape, material and length. Every party dress has a center of attraction, some concentrates on the waist line while some on the bust line or some may concentrate on the collarbone as well. Remember to choose the right one for you. Zara Delhi can always be a good option to experiment. Try one that can flaunt your assets and hide your flaws. There is a huge variety available in the market these days but choosing the one that complements your figure and attitude is the one for you.

Decide your Best Asset

Every party dress has a highlighting feature. Find the one whose highlighting feature matches yours. Like if you have flaunting legs, go for dress which will end before your knee and will reveal your shapely legs. If you have a beautiful neckline and bust, flaunt it with a low cut neckline dress.  If you have a flaunting waist line go for a party dress with a sash or a belt. For a sexy hip, flaunt it with a fitting dress so that it gives you the hour glass figure. An A-line dress can hide your flaws if you have a heavy butt which you want to hide. Remember, black is your color, no matter what your choose black makes you look thin. If you are slim choose a dress which has flares in the waist line that can give your slim waist a heavy illusion look.

Select the length

If you are short select a party dress that is short itself. That will give you a taller appearance. Add hems in bottom as well as pair it up with a good pair of heels. Try wearing long sleeves that will look gorgeous. If you are tall, you are lucky. You may try different lengths but don’t try too small ones that can give you a taller appearance and make you look out of shape. Apple shaped women always experiment with the hour glass look. If you are fat don’t opt for sleeveless, that will make your hands look odd. Go for three quarter sleeves.

Select your Color

Decide the color based on your skin tone as well. If you are dusky, try matt fabrics and do not chose too glossy one, irrespective of the event. If you are a fair person you may try darker shades. Even glossy effects can suit you. Black and dark colors are always classy. For non formal parties you may try floral and different small prints which are always in trend. Choose your accessories wisely. Accessories are important factor in your look. Zara India can be lucky for you. A short dress requires a good pair of heels. A dress with low neckline will demand a good pair of heavy ear rings. Add colorful contrasting clutches. Express your style through your dress. Do not copy rater you carry it.

What is the Importance of Custom T-shirt designing in the Fashion?

Fashion is a vast arena in which there are a number of options that you will find for you, suitable for different occasion. Whether you are looking for a stylish outfit for a special occasion or for a wedding party or even if you are looking for corporate attire for a formal party or even a meeting in the office, you will find something or the other, available at the many stores in your city.


While talking about the fashion stores in the different cities, if it is Delhi that you are living in, there is no denying the fact that the options are larger and more than you will probably find in any other cities of the country. The best part of fashion is that it makes even the casual, daily dressing fashionable. You just have to stay aware of the latest trends in vogue and you will be all set to flaunt your own style and attitude and stand apart in the crowd.

The latest trend in vogue:

Since the youth is the largest community in any country, it is very obvious that maximum fashion and styling focus is given to the casuals and daily wear. Many people think that styling is not possible in daily wear clothing, but that is not the truth. Even by wearing a pair of denim jeans or shirts or even a T-shirt and skirts, you can look as gorgeous, glamorous and stunning as you will look in a heavily embroidered wedding lehengas. It is all about knowing the right type of attire that will suit on you.

Wearing custom T-shirts:

One of the most popular clothing options that most of the youth is accustomed to wearing is T-shirts. From round necked t-shirts to V-neck t-shirts, from collared to full-sleeved t-shirts, you will be able to find a number of options suitable for all seasons and all casual occasions. Variety of prints, plain and solid colours, various designs and illustrations as well as quotes and captions are printed on the t-shirts. The best part of this particular type of clothing is that boys as well as girls too can wear it.

Designing it on your own:

The recent trend in casual fashion, especially in case of t-shirts is that customized prints and designs can be done on them. Many young girls and boys are choosing the casual t-shirts with no prints from Levis Delhi and other fashion brands and then, printing their favourite quotes and captions on them. Since the material is great, the comfort level is uncompromised. And by adding your own style and attitude in the appearance of the t-shirt, you will certainly stand in striking contrast with the general crowd. Certainly, you need to be careful about the colour and the style of the t-shirt that you have chosen. This will ensure that the print or customized design that you have embossed on the t-shirt is beautifully portrayed and flaunted, making the t-shirt look even more stunning.

Tips to Buy Royal Wedding Gowns in Delhi

Delhi is the ultimate style destination in India. It is always forwarding fashion and what the rest of the country adopts a few months later, becomes the fashion of today in Delhi. Hence, it is also very obvious that the women in the city are very demanding and fashion forward. In fact, many women from the other Indian states and cities come to Delhi to shop for their wedding. Not just traditional Indian wedding attires, but also if you wish to have a royal wedding as in the western world, you will not be disappointed with the vast variety that you will be offered. All that you need to know is, how to choose the best royal wedding Gowns.

Being Human

The right silhouette:

It is very important that you choose a style or a silhouette that will accentuate your body and your beautiful curves and draw the attention towards the flaunting curves. If you choose a pattern that makes you look fat or flabby or does not go with your body-shape, is never a good idea. The A-line, ball-gown, fit and flare as well as strapless, halter and V-neck dresses are always in vogue. It must be chosen according to your body shape. Consider if you have a pear shaped body, an apple shaped body or an hour glass type.

The embroidery and stitches:

What makes a royal wedding gown royal and distinguished from any other wedding gown is the work done on it. Wedding gowns are all about intricate self-design and work. Beautiful lace, borders, embroidery, use of net, ribbons, tulle yokes – all these make the gown look even more beautiful. The concern does not end here. The variety is so huge that you will easily be confused. You must choose if you would like Chantilly or Galloon Lace, Corded Lace, Beaded Lace, Guipure lace, Laser Lace or Ribbon Lace. Some use threads and cords and some use beads and crystals. Whether you are looking for a three dimensional, raised and floaty pattern or traditional scallop edged embroidery is upon your choice.

Know the fabric:

Traditionally, all the royal wedding gowns in Delhi are made up of the fabrics such as bridal satin, crepe, silk or brocade. Sometimes they are also made up of lace, jacquard or Georgette. The fabric that will adore your body and not make you look oddly slimmer or fatter, is the best one.

Where to buy from?

If you think that Delhi is best only to shop for the traditional Indian outfits from stores like Asiana Coutireor Om Prakash Jawahar lal (Naya Katra) or even Sunehree and others, or even if it is meant for shopping for casuals from Being Human Delhi or Max or Zara stores, you are mistaken. You will also find a number of stores in Delhi that are famous for wedding gowns such as La Fantaisie, Sincerely Bridal and others. All that you have to do is visit their stores and have the number of varieties tried, according to your body shape and measurement.

Regular, Skinny and Slim Fit Jeans for Men – Now in Levis India

Regardless of profession, shape and style every individual requires more than one pairs of jeans. They have become highly popular as there is a fitness, shape and style to suit every human being. For better results, Levis India has introduced style to complement each and every individual.


Jeans – Recommended 24*7

Jeans are recommended almost each and every time as they can be worn easily in any season. Also, they can be easily dressed up as well as down. Hence, finding the best color for jeans especially for skinny guys is little bit difficult but not impossible. In order to find the right matching pair, you need to exercise a little more effort.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Colored Jeans for Men

Some important factors that are required to consider at the time of choosing colored jeans for men include the following:

  • Skin color – It is very much essential to consider your complexion at the time of purchasing jeans. In case of dark complexion, it will be better to purchase lighter shades. While in case of lighter complexion, it is good to wear dark shades.

Black jeans have been considered to be universally recognized for all men, particularly for larger men as they make them look thinner.

  • Fitting – Though jeans can be easily altered, it is good to find such a pair of jeans that fits right. It is good to avoid falling into the trap of purchasing a pair randomly as it may not fit well even after being graceful.

Take time to shop for the best hence being ready to try on several brands in different sizes. In case you are fortunate to find a pair that fits perfectly, you may purchase two sets in order to save time in the long run to buy jeans.

  • No need to run after brands – It is better not to run after brand name. The way you look in jeans holds the ability to speak volumes. As you will be shopping around, you will be discovering different brands that come along with different sizes. As long as you remain flexible about fashion labels, you will be able to find the exact matching jeans offered by different brand names.

This will also permit you an ideal opportunity to save your hard earned money by purchasing quality brands at affordable rate. You can also save a lot of money by purchasing several colored jeans.

  • Do not follow the age blindly – When on the way for shopping jeans, it is advised not to consider the appropriateness of age. Try to avoid the look which you are really not in real.

There are styles that are recommended for teenagers, younger men as well as older men. Older men must go with designs that make them have a decent look.

You may also go through the fashion magazines in order to get to know the latest trends and fashions so that you can recognize the market. In order to fetch the best item, talk openly to the seller in order to fetch a recommendation. Hope to get the best!

Tips to Make the Occasion Special With an Anarkali Suit

Indian traditional outfit has gone into several changes over the years, and every style of apparel has its own quality, grace and charm. One such traditional outfit is the salwar-suit or salwar-kameez. This evergreen apparel adds timeless beauty to your look, and is widely preferred by women of all age groups. Over the past decade or so, this apparel has gone into several changes with the addition of wide varieties. One such style or variety is the Anarkali suits. These anarkali suits are the latest craze among women fashion lovers.

anarkali suit

Specialty of Anarkali Suits

These anarkali suits came into existence way back in the Mughal period, where the dancers used to wear this dress to perform in “Darbaars”. Since then, this dress style has gone into many alternations. The designs and the artwork of those anarkali suits have been recreated in a very unique way to form today’s Anarkali Suits. These suits have a bulging skirt and a well-fitted yoke (which gets bit tight below the bust line), with good-fit upper waist part and frock pattern below waist part. To make the outfit simply astonishing, they are teamed-up with chudidaars and duppats. In today’s fashion world, these suits have made a great comeback with innovative designs and patterns to add a dash of elegance and distinctive dimension to your beauty. Also, these Anarkali Suits showcase a perfect combination of tradition and latest fashion.

Types and Styles of Anarkali Suits

  1. Bridal Anarkalis: These types of suits come with heavy embroidery work and embellishments that include stones, beads, zari work, kundan work, lace and sequins. These type of suits look extremely graceful and add a royal touch to the bride’s beauty. You can find varieties of bridal anarkali suits in varied color combinations at Fabindia store.
  2. Party-wear Anarkalis: Be the center of attraction in any party by wearing trendily designed anarkali suits. Rich fabric, vibrant shades, stylish cuts and unique patterns are used to make these party wear anarkali suits.
  3. Anarkalis based on fabric type: Different types of fabric is used to make anarkali suits, which include silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, velvet, organza, crepe, etc. You can choose among these fabric types as per the occasion. Like silk anarkali suits are perfect for wedding, festive celebration and other similar glorious occasions. Cotton anarkalis are perfect to be worn on formal occasions and on casual purposes.
  4. Traditional style Anarkalis: These types of anarkali suits are adorned with rich-looking embellishments and embroidery work. These are made using various fabric types and are perfect to be worn on wedding, sangeet, mehendi, and other akin occasions.
  5. Designer Anarkalis: These anarkalis are designed by well-known designers in stylish cuts and patterns, based on Bollywood theme. These anarkali suits are just right for evening parties as well as for various wedding functions.
  6. Simple Anarkalis: These types of anarkali suits are ideal for daily wear. You can also wear these anarkalis at your office or at college. These anarkalis come in simple designs with decent colors.

At Fabindia store, you will find all these types of anarkali suits in a range of colors and prices. So, make every occasion of your life special by wearing latest style anarkali suits.

Tips to Buy Wearing a Formal Shirt in Karol Bagh

The shirt is perfect attire, which goes well with your formal as well as casual look. Wearing shirt smartens your look when paired with a pair of trousers or jeans. Another good thing about this apparel is that it looks great on men and women, both. Different types of fabrics are used to make these formal shirts, so you can choose the one that suits your personality type and is comfortable enough to wear a day long.


Before buying a formal shirt, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. This include:

  1. The fabric type
  2. Collar and cuff style
  3. Stitching and trims of the shirt
  4. Size and fit of the shirt
  5. Length of the sleeves, and more

A right size and fit of the shirt not only makes you look smart; but also lets you feel comfortable all day long. If you have av-shaped body, and you do not want that your shirt fits too loose around the waist, slim-fit shirt is the best one to buy. Conversely, if you are bit endowed around the waist, choosing a regular-fit or comfort-fit formal shirt is the right choice. Similarly, choosing the right fabric of the formal shirt is also important to make your look just right. Collar and cuff style also make a significant different to your overall look, if chosen right. For example, point collars in formal shirts are most commonly used, as it looks fine on every body type. Also, both button cuffs and French cuffs are appropriate for your formal shirt.

If you want to buy formal shirts from Karol Bagh, Delhi, here are some popular stores or shops, you should check out.

  1. Gujrals: Located in the hub of Karol Bagh market, this retail outlet caters to the needs of men in an effective manner. The store offers quality designed formal shirts from renowned brands like Allen Solly and Louis Philippe. Also, the store offers wide varieties in formal shirts in terms of colors and price.
  2. Diwan Saheb: This store in Karol Bagh is famous for offering daily wear and wedding outfits for men. Most of the collections at the store are season specific. Also, it houses some good varieties in shirts. For summers, you can buy formal shirts in linen variants; while, for winters, you can buy shirts in chequered coats wool fabric. But, the price range of the store is bit high. So, if you have a good budget, you can visit this store.
  3. Forever 21: This store in Karol Bagh is popular for offering formal shirts, casual shirts, jeans and business suits. At Forever 21 store, you will find formal shirts in varied price ranges, from low to high.
  4. Westside: This is one of the reasonable stores in Karol Bagh, offering branded formal shirts at an affordable cost. Also, at the store, you will find aquality collection of trousers, chinos, casual shirts and more in a variety of fabric.

If you are going to shop for formal shirts in Karol Bagh, you can checkout these stores. But among all, Forever 21 store offers awide collection of branded shirts at a pocket-friendly price.

Jeans are the favourite of the Indian men

Shopping is in the blood of the Indians. We Indians absolutely love to shop and we leave no stone unturned whilst we do it. We are shopaholics and that’s the reason why we believe in buying top quality clothes at reasonable prices.

We always want our attire to look stylish, cool, elegant and trendy. We never compromise with style too. That’s the reason why Indians always look fashionable to say the least, as they love to fuel up their very own fashion engine.

jack & jones

Men here love to dress up

Fashion in India is not only about ladies wear. There are plenty of men, who love to wear and flaunt top quality clothes in order to look regal and fashionable. Yes, even Indian men are obsessed with wearing top clothes to flaunt their style.

Here, the men love wearing clothes that are comfortable and trendy. Some even opt for traditional Indian clothes but most look for trendy western clothes. And, this is where clothes like jeans come in handy. Jeans, as you know, are popularly worn by many men and women across the world. They are not only comfortable and flexible, but they can be worn at many places and at various occasions.

Jeans are man’s favourite

Jeans are always worn by Indian men. It does not matter whether you need a party wear pant or even a pant that can be used for special occasions, the jeans can be your saviour. They can easily be worn at any type of environment, be it professional or a causal event. Jeans are versatile and that’s the reason why people love it.

Now, we are sure that you must be aware of the fact that there are several types and styles of Jeans available in the market. You can easily select your preferred style of jeans as per your taste and comfort. One of the most popular and common type of jeans is the regular fit straight jeans. You can easily opt for one as per your requirement so that you can enjoy its comfortableness.

How to select the best one?

Now the conundrum shifts to the fact that how you can select the regular fit straight jeans. Of course, first of all you’d have to think about the brand. In India, there are several types of branded jeans companies which sell all top quality jeans.

For example, you can always select the Jack and Jones India company, as their jeans are always exclusive and appealing. Apart from that there are several other companies too.

Most of them make various types of regular fit straight jeans. You can also select the jeans as per your colour choice.

The regular fit jeans come in several types of colours and shades. If you are looking for the sober ones, then you can go for the cool blue colours. Apart from that, you can also check out the denim colours, as they are always a classic.

Just check out any of the Jack and Jones India stores to know more about the shades and the colours.